Meal Plan: It’s A Balance…

Did you all enjoy last week’s posts?! TASTYYYYY wasn’t it?! I so enjoyed last week on the blog, I had a lot of fun creating and EATING all the fabulousness that came out of my kitchen! YUM! After all the tasty sweets I made last week I decided it was time to eat a little more balanced. This week I tried to pick meals that had more veggies and of course fruit. This is a good time to tell you about how I roll when it comes to dieting. I DONT. I am not a believer in dieting. I just love food to much! When it comes to losing or maintaining weight I just try to stay active and stay within my calories for the day. I use’s app on my iphone as a help. If you know me and see me you’ll notice that I just look like I plain like food to much! I am currently nursing my baby and for some reason I am one of the unlucky ones where nursing makes me keep my weight not drop it. I say it’s worth the sacrifice, I’ll never look back and regret I nourished my baby and had a few extra pounds! I do know that balance is important and right now we are feeling a little more on the un-healthy side of the level so back on to the healthier side we go. I hope you enjoy this week’s meal plan!

Favorite Recipe Of Last Week…

Why the famous cheesecake of course! Did you see it yet? Click HERE to see the recipe!







  • Breakfast –  Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, cooked
  • Lunch – Smoothies
  • Dinner – French Dips, I do not have a recipe written up for this one yet, it’s in my head so I’ll try to get it written down to share at some point.


Mmm I can’t wait to eat! What’s on your plan this week? Tell me in a comment below and share links if you have them, I am always looking for more ideas! :)



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