Spend Successfully

Natalie and her husband Mike are the founders of SpendSuccessfully.com. They help couples who struggle to budget and manage their personal finances to get power over their spending and understand their behavior so that they can FINALLY start to save money, pay off debt and have a stress free financial life.

Their purpose at Spend Successfully is to help people, like themselves, make personal finance simple to undersand, simple to apply and be successful with! Mike and Natalie have been married for over twelve years, for the first ten of those years they struggled with using a budget, getting all their bills figured out and dealing with debt. They tried all the trends on how to deal with these issues.  They read the books, bought the systems, CD’s, DVD’s… you name it, they tried it! Finally after being cut off from the credit card they were using to pay for a vacation while still ON vacation and having to ask for money from Natalie’s parents, they decided it was time to STOP the bad cycle they were in and time to make a real lasting change that would work! They took the best of what they had learned and read about personal finance and started to customize a plan to suit them. As they applied their simple and strategic steps to their finances they started to see things actually starting to WORK! They started to see the debt STOP piling up and found they finally had power over their money! Without sacrificing their current lifestyle they had found a way to make money work for them and not be slaves to their money!

Spend Successfully is website dedicated to helping people improve their personal finance without sacrificing their lifestyle! Here is a video they have on the site that shares a bit about their story. In the video they mention signing up for an email list on the “right” but that sign up is not on Mae’s Strive For Progress blog so you will need to go to www.spendsuccessfully.com to sign up. When you do sign up you will get a FREE Worksheet to get you started plus be invited to a webinar that they will be holding soon to teach their entire process FREE!!!

Be sure to check out www.spendsuccessfully.com.  You can also go “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest! Don’t wait! Start now to become a successful spender!

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